Holiday is pleased to present Soft Serve, a group exhibition featuring works by:

Frankie Carino
Chris Hanke
Perry Levine
Afton Love
Nick McPhail
Garry Noland
Annie Render

Soft Serve examines the works of different artists working in different mediums but utilizing "soft" techniques--whether it be in their forms or application.

The opening of Soft Serve is also acting as the soft opening of HolidayHoliday is a non-location based interdisciplinary curatorial project founded by Luke Forsyth and Pejman Shojaei. Holiday's nomadic curatorial approach works collaboratively and holistically with artists and spaces to mount exhibitions and public programs that engage and expose viewers to a wide array of art, sound, and movement. With inclusivity at the forefront of their conceptual framework, Holiday aims to work with artists and producers, both emerging and mid-career, that are underrepresented within the larger milieu of the "art world." 

September 16, 2017
2601 Pasadena Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90042


All photographs by Chris Hanke